Model Trias 346 shape

gauge:2 -3 - 4 mm - size 31 x 31 mm
€ 25,00

Model Mando  

gauge: 2 to 3,5mm - size 29 x 29 mm
€ 25,00

Little  jazz series

Triangle shape,s  

The available Shapes
see the materials on the material page

Tresto,3 different shaped tips

gauge: 2 to 3 mm - size 28 x 31 mm
Price € 25,00

Style Manouche picks original 207 shape

here you can add your favourite  material to the shape you like and personalise  your costume pick
from here on you only have to add the thickness and you have your own special pick.

Its possible for example to order Django shape including thumb indent or holes all futures can be mixed and matched.

some material may not be available temporary we have 99 %  in stock  

 Each pick can be customized Choose the colours and materials on the
material page

Made for and in collaboration with 5th fret productions Usa for  Adam Schlenker.

Triangle shape  Trias and round triangle Mando picks

Are used by flat pickers and bluegrass musicians.
These pearls are smooth and reliable companion for any guitarist.

In colaboration with

This triangle have 3 different tips.
And is a very nice pick for people playing different
technic,s and or jam players solo and rhythm are easily switch over to with this All rounder !!

1) sharp 2) rounder 3)round

Model Joseph

Our classic pick and still hot seller  here with this shape it all started 3 years long we only sold this model.

On the first picture you see the thumb slot and on the second the index finger slot plus the hole that all together give maximum gri
gauge:3 to 6 mm - size 27x30 mm
price € 15,00

Romino Rhythm Pick

size 27 x 30 mm

This pick is made for rhythm guitarists ,but also soloist like this shape its a vintage pick for soloist but a fine tool for smooth and accurate rhythm players


in gauge 2 to 6 mm - size 27 x 28
price € 15,00

Simple flat pick in 207 shape
it have a good grip because all our materials have a slightly suction for moister

the comfortable shape give the player all he needs  for fast licks and easy rhythm parts


in gauge 2 to 6 mm , size 27 x 30
price € 15,00

flat pick with holes in 207 shape
it give a good grip  for guitarist that search
for the extra grip that make them feel more save for fast licks and easy rhythm parts

in gauge 2 to 6 mm , size 27 x 30
price € 15,00

Comfortable pick shape with ergonomic indent that fit,s the thumb very nicely and give an great feel this picks stays in place dos not easy turn around and the materials already have a great suction and there for superior grip

Model Irene haves extra surface hole,s in the indent and on the back

in gauge 2 to 6 mm - size 27 x 30
price € 17,50

Model Eliza Flat pick
Gaga Weiss endorsement model

Model Esmee pick with surface holes
samson schmitt endorsement model

Front slot-strait         back slot 90 degree angle





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The Harmony between you and your instrument.

Big jazz series

Model BIG Jazz

Vintage jazz

Nousche Jazz
official endorsement model

This pick is made to run  and to drum
fast tip bevelled back and sides can be used as solo and as rhythm pick very€ 15,00


 in gauge: 2mm to 4mm - size 26x31 mm
price € 15,00

Duncan Sykora razor

Sharp razor blade that's how we call this fast Duncan pick highly available in black lava the combi make,s this pick a fast runner.

gauge: 2mm - 3mm  - size 23 x 28 mm
price € 15,00

Little Jazz

Best sold among jazz musicians and people that prefer smaller size picks,
in same shape as big jazz only 3 mm smaller al around

gauge: 2 mm   to  4mm - size 23 x 28 mm
Price € 15,00

This pick is made to precision the pointy rounded tip is made in right hand bevel (left hand available)
excellent for jazz , the sides are rounded and can be used as well,top allrounder pick  

gauge: 2 mm   to  4mm - size 26 x 31 mm
price € 15,00

€ 15 euro in  all materials
standard pick shape like Dunlop
comes with a right hand bevel
available with left hand

Model Original 351  
regular pick shape

Little vintage
model stochelo

Made to the specifications of stochelo rosenberg

this little jazz vintage haves
a more rounded  tip and the bevel is different than model little jazz also the holes are complete through

this model feels vintage ,,feels like butter on the strings

his picks cost 15,00 -gauge  2 mm and size 23 x 28 mm

the absolute rhythm cannon of gypsy jazz his muscles are made of steel his bio rhythm is like a locomotive ,his material choices are up to date and he knows his stuff the specialty on his playing his the timing and consistency always on the run for the best

he plays a jazz model pick in tortoise exclusive
in 3,5 mm thick in the size 26 x 30 mm


Bertino Rodmann

is a German Gypsy jazz guitarist that plays a lot with the sinti,s in Germany and France he is a well known person in the scene and a very good jazz guitarist that also wright books in technics.
Picks specs 32 x 28 mm x 4,5 mm thick

price 17,50  see Bertino,s site :

Model Bertino Rodmann
official endorsement model

Model Django
a copy of Django,s pick

The Giant made after an original pick used by
Django Reinhardt !! 100 % copy available

carefully cutted to the vintage shape of the real Django Reinhardt pick that he used during the last period.

in gauge: 2 to 6 mm - size 27 x 28 mm
price € 25,00

Model Feigelie
official endorsement model

Feigelie Prisor

the grand master in djangology ,,virtuoso with his own style fast and furious but always with a smile his slotted pick with holes gives mass of options to hold under all conditions

these picks cost € 17,50 and are 4 mm thick in 27 x 30 mm

Model Pierre/ Irene with thumb indent
model irene is official endorsement model
for irene Ypenburg

Model Manouche

In the big jazz line picks this master piece have a dimple and some extra grip holes
for the best grip on all picks we have made

the 348 big jazz serie is our best sold model at the moment

model Manouche is a a hot seller pick since we introduced it many order this pick

Model Paulus Schäfer

This model have and exta big indent it covers 70 % of the pick and give a very smooth grip
€ 17,50  

this original pick shape like Dunlop 351 with natural bevel for right and left hand
the sharp edges give treble and middel warm sound

€ 15,00

Model Ronan